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Evolving Family Health

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Dr. Kabir understands that each path to optimal health and wellness is unique. That’s why she provides care that is not only compassionate and evidence-based, but also highly-individualized. Getting to the heart of the matter can take time so families are provided longer visits, typically 60 – 90 minutes per session, on more than one occasion as needed, and within their own home if preferred.  In addition to empowering patients and their families with knowledge that motivates them to better manage and prevent symptoms, she is an experienced advocate for families, helping to coordinate their care across multiple disciplines and systems.

Meeting her patients and families where they are–literally within their home or hers–and in terms of assessing their readiness for a particular diagnosis or various treatment options – gives her the ability to provide more relevant medical care within a natural environment where patients feel most relaxed.

When parents and children are not rushed, when they are heard and feel valued, they are more willing to trust and collaborate with their physician. At Evolving Family Health, patients receive the guidance and resources necessary to make informed health care decisions, improve their health and self-care, and navigate an increasingly complex healthcare system.

On the other side of a challenging journey with her own son, Dr. Kabir wishes nothing more than to advocate for her patients and their families, helping them feel less alone, more supported, and able to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

After all, she’s been there.

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Here are a few reasons parents and patients reach out:


  • difficulty latching
  • painful breastfeeding & nipple pain
  • low milk supply
  • suspected tongue & lip-tie issues
  • fussiness or suspected colic
  • poor weight gain or reflux concerns
  • jaundice & newborn rashes


  • developmental delays
  • behavioral concerns
  • picky eating
  • persistent tantrums or meltdowns
  • sleep disruption
  • issues with potty training
  • child find referrals


  • evaluations for ADHD & autism
  • difficulty regulating emotions
  • disruptive behaviors
  • bedwetting
  • school avoidance
  • social skills concerns
  • collaborating with schools
  • IEP letters

Tween & Teen

  • ADHD & autism
  • changes in school performance or avoidance
  • mental health concerns & treatment
  • collaborating with schools
  • IEP letters
  • irregular periods, painful cramping & PCOS
  • STI screening & contraceptive management
  • sports physicals

Young Adults

  • managing ADHD and autism
  • difficulty transitioning to college
  • difficulty transitioning to employment
  • mental health concerns & treatment
  • reproductive healthcare
  • college physicals

Mom & Baby

  • home visits
  • lactation & newborn feeding support
  • perinatal mood disorders
  • postpartum care
  • contraceptive management
  • support through pregnancy loss & infertility
  • paternal mood concerns
  • whole family care

About Me

karolyn kabir m.d.

Welcome to my Practice!

Hello, my name is Dr. Karolyn Kabir. I am a family-centered physician, dual-board certified in both Pediatrics and the Subspecialty of Adolescent Medicine. Additionally, prior to focusing on a career in Pediatrics, I completed two years of an Ob-Gyn residency, delivering over 500 babies! 

I’m passionate about providing family-centered medical care that also includes behavioral, mental health, reproductive and integrative services from infancy through young adulthood and parenthood.  My evidence-based practice offers services that reflect the latest neuroscience, epigenetics, and nutrition research. I collaborate with providers from multiple disciplines, help families with the coordination of their child’s medical care, and work closely with local schools. I advocate for my families!

Evolving Family Health is a direct pay practice offering virtual or in-person visits within the privacy of my home or the comfort of yours.  Home visits are often requested by families with newborns, mothers with breastfeeding concerns, families seeking care for illness, families that need more than one person evaluated, and patients with behavioral health concerns. 


I am a native Washingtonian practicing in my hometown of of Vienna, Virginia. Raised by my Persian father, a physician, and Midwestern mother, a nurse, I inherited their global mindset and love for medicine.

When not caring for patients, I enjoy spending time with my teenage daughter, keeping up with my sons in college, practicing yoga, gardening and cooking. As a long-time mental health advocate, I support efforts to reduce stigma around “brain health,” decriminalize mental health, and improve access to mental health care. 

For more information on my advocacy efforts, please see:



If you’d like to explore whether my practice is a good fit, please reach out to schedule an initial phone visit using the “request an appointment” tab on my website. General questions can be submitted via the “contact me” link. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Professional Accreditation

  • Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics (ABP) in Pediatrics (1999)
  • Board Certified by the ABP in the Subspecialty of Adolescent Medicine (2008). 
  • Licensed to practice medicine in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Training & Education

  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology (neuroscience focus): Duke University
  • Medical Degree: University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Medicine
  • 2 years Ob-Gyn residency training: University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
  • 3 years Pediatric residency training: The Children’s Hospital Colorado
  • 3 years subspecialty fellowship training in Adolescent Medicine: The Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Customized Services

  • in-home & virtual visits
  • whole family medical care
  • well, sick & after-hours care
  • behavioral, neurodevelopmental & mental health evaluations
  • perinatal mental health 
  • lactation & newborn feeding
  • collaborate with schools
  • collaborate with specialists
  • coordinate multidisciplinary care
  • patient advocate across systems (medical, legal & educational)

what our patients are saying...

Parent Testimonials

notes from dr. kabir

Why did I open this practice?

So grateful for beautiful baby girl Ellie, who at five days old, entered my life last Fall as a new patient. In the midst of a chaotic day, she invited me to step into the moment. To take a deep breath and feel both wonder and awe at the mystery

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Kabir Family Story

Raising a child on the spectrum is not an easy journey. Like all challenges, though, there were many opportunities for growth. Fortunately, with the hardest parts of our journey behind us, my son Jacob is thriving now and living independently. I’ve taken the lessons learned and have grown into a

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Why “Evolving Family Health”?

I chose the words “family health” as part of my practice name because patients are not isolated in their health care concerns. If a patient is struggling, often so, too, is their family. It takes a village to raise our children and I believe in taking care of that village. My

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